Cyber security defense skill set gap is huge

Its hard to find good incident response handlers. Incident response needs deep thinking and constant practice. Short 30 Min drills with real incidents is required. Needle365 is here for you.
Our training system enables your handlers to search real incidents and practice handling them using state-of-art playbooks.
Top 5 Latest Incidents
Description Reference Victim Country Victim Company Sector Playbooks IoCs Date
Focus is not on the commands to use, but on the thinking of immediate correct remediation.
“Needle365 does not teach about OS commands. But helps build steps in solving the situation. Teaches handlers how to think - What are the vectors that could be the problem. Example - We check incoming connections & understand the patterns.”
-CISO, Major Education institute
Pre configured Runbooks per incident type selected and practised..
“The handlers can select their own ways of handling incidents bringing in great flexibility.”
Demonstrate current security posture to management
“You can get a first hand feel of the current security posture of the company by looking at first few practise sessions. The simulation experience is deeply immersive and leaves a powerful impression on everyone who tries it and provides clear metrics to show improvement of trainees.”
-CISO, E-commerce startup

The problems teams deal with mostly boil down to constant evaluation. The drills are rated based on various criteria - Communication, troubleshooting, understanding business/impact, blockers, dependencies.
We provide a trainer who debriefs, trains and reviews. This is optional. You can practise just on your own and evaluate too.
The system is powered by the Flexible IR platform.
We'd love for you to give Needle365 a shot. If you have any questions before getting started, we'd be happy to answer them.